Assessment System

The academic year will be divided into two terms:  I (April -  September) and II (October - March).

As per the new CBSE assessment structure effective from the academia year 2017-18 each subject will have two periodic tests and tu examinations: First periodic test in July and the second in January; Midterm examinations in September and Final examinations in Feb-March. Final examination include the syllabus of the whole year and will carry 80 marks Midterm and the periodic tests will be considered as internal assessments and will carry 5 marks; average of best two out of the three tests. Besides 5 marks are devoted for Portfolio which includes Notebook Submission  : regularity, assignment completion Neatness and Upkeep of the notebook, classwork, achievements of student in the subject, reflection, narrations, journals etc. Moreover, 5 marks are assigned for Subject Enrichment activity.  This includes speaking and listening skills for languages, lab for Science and Mathematics, map work and project work for Social Science, In Computer Applications 70% marks will be for practical work. Another  5 marks are assigned for multiple assessments such as quizzes, oral tests, concept map, visual expression, etc.

As you can learn from the above, CBSE has given importance to the submission of notebooks by the students, the completion of works in time and the neatness and maintenance of the notebook. We solicit the co-operation and supervision of parents in this respect.

Parents are expected to come and receive the achievement report when they are offered an opportunity to meet and discuss with their ward's class and subject teachers. Parents will also be called twice a year, once in each term, to give the overall assessments of students. The administration expects parents to attend these parent-teacher meetings without fail. If a student is not able to appear for exam; he/she will be considered absent for the exam. There will be no re-examination.
If a child is sick during periodic tests, please do not send him/her to the school only to write the test. Parents cannot take the child home after the test. Once the child is in the school he/she can go back only after the school hours.

It is important for class 9 and 11 students to pass their final examination to be promoted to the next class. If they fail, they will be detained.

The Central government in the RTE Amendment Act 2019 has reversed the No Detention Policy. The State now can detain students in classes 5 and 8 if they fail in the final examination.