Use of Unfair Means in the Examination or Unit Test:

The school views the use of unfair means during examination or unit test very seriously. Unfair means can be any of the following:

A student having in his possession, while in the examination room, any book, memorandum or pocket book, notes or paper whatever, except the correct question paper.

Copying from the other students or giving opportunity to other students tocopy from one's own answer paper or communicating dishonestly with other students in the examination room.

Giving or obtaining, or attempting to give students.

A student detected of using unfair means would be dealt with in the following manner:

First Time : "0" in the particular paper/subject
Second time : "0" in all the papers/subjects

Admission Policy

Admission to St. Arnold's are given on the basis of 'first come,first serve.' However preference will be given to the candidates from Catholic Christians and disadvantaged groups: SC,ST, Homeless and BPL card holders.

Parents and the School

In order that the school may attain the high standard that it intends for all the students, co-operation of the parents or guardians is imperative. The best of schools and the best of training are seriously crippled unless the home does its part. Parents are requested to see that their children spend sufficient time daily in studies. All parents are earnestly asked to ensure that the ideas of courtesy and gentlemanliness, which are proposed to the students during school hours, are practiced in their home life.

      The school makes following recommendations to Parents/Guardians:

1. We greatly value our parents and you are most welcome to school to meet Principal    or any teacher. However, when you want to meet a teacher make a prior appointment  with the teacher through your ward's diary. Space is provided in the diary where you  can communicate with the teachers. It is also required that you obtain permission from the Principal before you meet a teacher. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to go upstairs or enter classrooms or roam around in the school.

2. School Diary is the medium of communication between the teachers and the parents. Please check your son's diary frequently and countersign if the Principal or a teacher has made a remark or communicated a message.

3. Assist your son / daughter to make a timetable for himself / herself, separate ones for working days and holidays. Once the timetable is made by him / her in freedom, you should make sure that your ward    sticks with it. "Discipline is the bedrock of character."

4. The school strongly disapproves of private tuitions especially from student's own    subject teachers. Your co-operation is essential to implement this school directive.

5. It is obligatory for students of classes V-XII attend the remedial classes conducted daily before the classes begin formally with the assembly. A student should come prepared for their classes and clear all their doubts in the class. If a student utilizes the remedial classes properly he/she does not require any tuitions. School recommends personal study and clearing of doubts during remedial class rather than tuition. Parental co-operation is solicited in this respect.

6. Make sure that your son/daughter prepare their lessons and do their home tasks, come to school regularly, in time and in clean school uniform. The school strongly disapproves of a student's absence on important school days (Teacher's Day, Children's Day, School's Annual Function, Utkal Diwas etc.) and days of national importance (26th January, 15th August etc.)

7. Your ward should not bring to the school money or any other valuable articles. The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, clothes, money or other articles while in the school.

8. Parents are required to keep the school informed of any medical or developmental problems relating to the child. Do give to the school your up-to-date emergency telephone number in case we need to contact you urgently.

9. Please do respond positively and attend the orientation programme and parent-teachers meetings that we conduct.

School Uniform

On all working days within the school premises pupil will wear the school uniform as regulated by the school. A student has to come to school in neat and clean uniform. On Fridays students should wear House T-Shirts. The shoes should be well polished and socks should be frequently changed. The girl child will comb her hair in two plaits . They are not permitted to apply any makeup, mehandi or wear any ornaments. Boys should have proper hair-cut. regularly. Students are not allowed to have tattoos and fashionable hair styles in the school. Students of St. Arnold's should appear smart and elegant.

Routine and Discipline

The school year begins usually in the Second half of March. Major holidays are given for about five weeks in the month of May and June, and 8-10 days each for Pooja and Christmas. There will be two breaks for children to eat Tiffin and to relax: 25 mins, after three periods and 15 mins. after 6 periods. Children should come to the school after eating some food. There will be assembly prayer daily. The gates will be closed once the assembly begins. Late comers will not be permitted to enter the school. Once a student enters the school campus he/she can leave the campus only after the classes are over. No one would be allowed to go home in between school hours unless one is sick and needs medical attention urgently.


School Regulation
1. Students should arrive at school before the assembly. No one who has been absent     (or late) may be admitted to the class without an admittance note from the Principal's Office, which a student needs to obtain before the assembly.

2. School Premises are to be kept clean. Liter or rubbish is to be disposed in bins provided for the purpose. Students take turn to clean the school compound.

3. A student who is not properly dressed in the school uniform will not be permitted to     the assembly or to attend the classes.

4. Silence within the classroom is mandatory. While changing classrooms special care must be taken not to disturb other classes in progress.

5. In the absence of the teacher, the Class Captains are responsible for the order and discipline of the class. In the event of a teacher being unduly late (more than five minutes) the Class Captain in-charge is to inform the School Office.

6. In case of accidents, students requiring medical attention are to be promptly taken to the School Office.

7. P.T. and Games are compulsory in the school. Those who are injured or sick should take exemption from the Principal.

8. English will be spoken at all times in the school premises . Besides the school authorities and the teachers, it is also the duty of House and Class Captains to implement this rule in the school. They must inform the Principal about a student who frequently and habitually break this rule.

9. Books not prescribed for studies, magazines, newspapers, or audiotapes or mp3 players should not be brought to the school. Any electronic gadget or mobile phone confiscated by the school authority will not be returned.

10. Any kind of damage to school property (even by accident) is to be made good at the cost of the responsible party. A class is responsible for all the properties of the classroom and any damage to the school property is to be promptly reported to the class teacher or to the Principal.

11. In the event of a contagious disease a student must not come to school without the usual clearance from a doctor.

12. Once a student comes to the school he/she will not be allowed to leave the school till all the classes are over, nor the parents will be allowed to meet their wards.

13. The inteded withdrawl of a student should be made known to the Princupal in writing by the person responsible for the pupil one month in advance or else one month's fee will be charged. A fee of Rs500/- is charged for issuing a transfer certificate .

14. It is mandatory for students to purchase ST. Arnold's School notes books . It will be sold on the day of the sale of the books.

15. The school will not be responsible for anything lost by your ward while he/she is in the school.

16. The school does not approve students coming to school with 'mehendi' applied on their hands. Any sort of makeup or wearing 'bangle' or 'Kada' (except for sikh boys) is not permitted by the school.

17. 'Rule-of-touch' has to be maintained by every student while in the school. It means each one keeps his/her space; one does not intrude into other's space and touch the other or do any harm to the other, specially between boys and girls.

18. Every year during the promotion to the higher class, students of a class will be shuffled. This is for better discipline and the betterment of the students. Parental understanding is requested .

19. A student shall bring only healthy food to the school. No one is allowed to bring junk food items like noodles, choumin, kurkure, lays, biscuits, cakes and chocolates. Bring only home-made and healthy food.

20. If a student is selected in Inter school CBSE games and sports, up to cluster level, scholl will pay for the travel expenses( sleeper class ticket) and food.

21.Every parent/guardian should posses a valid parent ID card to be produced at the gate to enter the campus. In case you lose it, kindly get another one by paying Rs.10/- at the office.

22. Those students specially classes XI & XII who come on two-wheelers should possess a valid driving licence. The rider as well as the pilion rider should wear helmet.

23. Those students classes IX to XII who remain absent during mock examinations without prior approval in case of valid reasons will pay a fineof Rs.100/- for each exam .

24. Students must always be in proper uniform whenever they are coming for any work during school hours.
Rule Governing Leave and Absence
1. Every absence (sick leave or otherwise) must be entered briefly in the NON ATTENDANCE AND LEAVE RECORD page in the diary and signed by the Parent/Guardian. This should be endorsed by the Principal/Vice Principal before a child attends class.

2. No leave of absence is granted except for serious reasons. In case of a serious reason the Principal may grant leave on the basis of a written application by the Parents/Guardians.

3. If a pupil is likely to be absent for a long period (more than 3 days), the Principal must be informed in writing.

4. Students going out of station for several days during working days for marriages or such function is not acceptable to the school and no application for leave for such reasons will be entertained. All “out-of-station going” should be arranged during school vacations .

5. When a child is sick, he/she should not be sent to school, even if there is a class test or unit test. Health is more important than anything else .

6. In the event of a student being absent from the school for 30 days continuously without prior permission of the Principal, his/her name will automatically be struck off from the rolls.

7. All the students are expected to attend class on the reopening day after the major holidays (Summer, Pooja, Christmas). Those absent without prior leave permission will be fined Rs.20.00 per day. Those absent because of illness must inform the school before or on the reopening day through a letter of the Parent/Guardian.

Rules Governing Payment of Fees
1. School fees will be enhanced upto 15% every year in order to give increment and to enhance the salary of the staff. We have no other options as CBSE and the Government of Odisha wants us to implement 6th pay commission recommendation ( now 7th pay commission). We are trying to do so gradually. Ultimately it is your ward who profits.

2. The school Accounts are in State Bank of India, Panposh and Axis Bank (Panposh Road).

3. School and bus fees are to be paid in four quarters. Remember also that payments are to be done in full and not in fractions. You may also pay the fee on a monthly basis if you have any difficulty in paying quarterly .

4. For every defaulted month there will be a fine of Rs.20/- which is cumulative.

5. All the Annual fees are to be paid with the 1st quarter fee or by the 30th of July, if not, there will be a fine of Rs.50/- every month.

6. The fees you pay for various items do not include the costume dress expenses for various school events.

7. School fees and bus fees can be paid either bank or on-line or in the school .

8. All the details on the Fee slips have to be entered before submitting of fees especially the Registration Number of the student.

9. Kindly preserve the Fee Book safely for any later clarifications.

10. If the school or bus fee is increased during the academic year it will be binding on parents to pay .

Though buses belong to St Arnold’s School, buses are administrated and run by a contractor. School authorities will negotiate with the contractor and try to keep the bus fees to the minimum. Some senior students may stand and travel while coming and going from the school. We need your understanding in this respect. When the fuel prices go up, we may resort to increasing the bus fees in order to avoid unreasonable losses.
School buses will run only on working days, if there is any activity on other days, parents will have to find conveyance to reach students to the school. School bus facility will be given to the students on a ’first come, first serve’ basis.
Neither school nor the bus-provider will be responsible for any money or valuables given to the bus employees.
Once you avail school bus facility, you have to pay fees for all the 12 months, you cannot leave in between.
Bus fees are to be paid only in the school until there is a change in the policy. And we charge bus fee for all the 12 months of the academic year.
Any time you are dissatisfied with the school authorities or with the bus provider (Mobile : 09937443096); however , misbehaving with the bus employees or entering into the school bus will be considered an offence and appropriate legal proceeding will be taken against the offender.

We are living in the age of smartphones and social media. The school recommends its students, teachers and parents to be responsible users of technology. All should avoid the misuse of social media. No student or teacher is permitted to post anything about the school in their social media pages. Any posts, pictures, forwards, comments that are inappropriate and offensive about the school, teachers or students is a cyber-crime and is punishable under Indian IT Act 2000. Disciplinary and legal action will be taken against the violators.

The adverse effects of the irresponsible use of smartphones and social media is very much seen in the behaviour and academic performance of the students. Violent online games are harming the growth of children. Children are getting addicted to smart phones, social media and online games, Smartphones addiction is as serious as alcohol and substance addiction. Parents are requested to guide their children with firmness and love for their better future.
1. The moment you enter the school premises you are under video surveillance.
2. The school compound is plastic free zone. No one is permitted to bring into the compound plastic bags, plastic bottles or plastic covered food items.
3. Our school has received Sanitation Award from CBSE, and it is our objective to keep our school compound clean and tidy. So chewing pan or gutka or pudia and spitting in the compound is prohibited.
4. In order to keep study atmosphere in the school, all are requested to keep your mobiles in silent mode in the school and school compound. Thank you for your co-operation.
5. We have provided a suggestion box in the ground floor lobby of the school. Your suggestions are most welcome for the better running of the school.