St. Arnold's School not only caters authentic education for the benifit of all round development of student's personality but also the co-scholastic areas are handled with care. Co-scholastic Activity is the area where the students are judged in true colours in their all skills of expression. Ideas can be copied but creativity has its own grace. In order that the students develop and grow holistically and as integral persons, the school offers wide range of co-curricular activities including a variety of indoor and outdoor games, cultural and quasi-academic activities. Every student is encouraged to participate in these activities to discover oneself, to develop one's talents and to blossom as a mature person.

Co-scholastic activities will be held in the school on Fridays by proficient and efficient instructors. It is compulsory for evry student to participate in one of the activities. These activities will also be evaluated and given grades based on the criteria given by the CBSE.

***** ODISSI *****

The Odissi Dancers get an open platform to perform with its splendour raught by very well qualified dance teachers.

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***** FINE ART *****

The Fine Art gets more and more polished by the rigorous practice and attends an edge of refinement that has led to many victories in many competitions.

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***** CRAFT WORK *****

The craft has moulded several buiding artisians to a sharp edge. The various craft skill have enchanted the eye with amazement.

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***** WESTERN DANCE *****

The Western Dance gets its floor of expression with all its perfection over here.

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***** RHYTHM DANCE *****

The Rhythm Dance of both the group are setting a new trend of dance where children tringle in rhythm with the music.

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***** YOGA *****

The health is taken as highest priority for day to day life and for that Yoga training is given by a trained mentor.

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***** TAEKWONDO *****

The Physical fitness along with skills of security with the marshal art Taekwondo marks the paramount of our discreationary work.

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***** KARATE *****

There is hardly any room left to see that students don't excell in the marshal art in Karate, it too has reached the zeneith due to the efforts on both teaching learning side .

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***** BASKET BALL *****

The Basket Ball team of St. Arnold both girls and boys have proved to be champions of future.

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***** FOOTBALL *****

The Football team of the school everytime adds magic by its killer shots to the other team and the bond of team spirits always give them victory.

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***** VOLLEY BALL *****

The Volley Ball is the new sport added to our co-scholastic areas as we believe to be achiever here too.

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***** CASIO *****

The instrumental: the Casio brings forward the promising instrumentalists of future who are always ready to hypnotize with their musical spell .

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***** VOCAL MUSIC *****

The Vocal Music has given birth to many Nightingales that are ready to spread their melody to the world.

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