Vision & Mission

Vision of our School

To transform our country into a just, equitable and harmonious place, where God reigns.

Mission of the School...

To provide holistic and integral development to students enabling them to grow as persons of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment, and who will take their rightful place in the society as agents of change ushering in a new world order that is open, inclusive and sensitive to the poor and marginalized.

Objectives of our Education...

• Intellectual and cognitive skills through creative and well-organized academic programmes and co-curricular activities.

• Health and bodily fitness through games, sports and physical exercises.

• Emotional and psychological maturity through extracurricular activities, guidance and counseling.

• Social sensitivity and environmental awareness through eco-friendly activities and exposure programmes.

• Leadership qualities through group activities and training programmes.

• Moral and Spiritual growth through value education and interreligious activities.

Our Resources...

We hope to achieve this with the help of God, with the dedicated service of our staff, and the co-operation and collaboration of parents and well-wishers